Reasons Why Men Have Acne And Hack To Deal With Them

It’s not only girls who have acne, but it’s also one of the most common skin concerns for men. Acne is very common among men of all ages. As natural as the phenomenon may be, people often don’t understand the suffering from it. For preteen and adolescent boys, acne may be the sign of hormones change after a certain age. However, for men at a certain age, acne can be caused by some flawed habits. And Yes, SMOKING is just one of them.



Skincare Products Or You Not Using Them


Boys tend to ignore the skincare considering as a part of makeup, but they are wrong. One of the major causes of acne is the fact that men don’t buy skincare products, and if they buy them they are not based on the type of skin they have. Using basic skincare products that doesn’t suit is the wrong kind of pointless, it can also be downright detrimental for your skin.

Pro Tip: Get a dermatologist or get your skin tested if you have severe acne or regular breakouts and Buy skin products that suit your skin. Avoid using products that having sulfates and parabens.

Your Food

fastfood effect acne

It is rightly said that -‘ What you eat, is reflected on your face’. Thanks to our hectic schedules, we don’t care what we eat most of the day. We rely on junk and food that is unhealthy. Not only are these foods high on oil content, but they are coated with preservatives and taste enhancers that affect the skin adversely. There are many allergic reactions to foods that we also don’t know and simply we gorge on them. A medical study released in 2016 stated that almost 60% of Indians don’t realize that they suffer from a mild case of lactose intolerance.

Pro Tip: Get yourself tested properly and see if you have any allergies and what is your skin type and eat accordingly. Also, try to avoid oily and precooked food as it will affect the skin.

Your Hygiene


Hygiene is the most important, as everything starts from itself so if you want healthy skin then you need to follow a healthy routine. For example, you should take a shower properly and regularly. so if you want to skip a bath think twice or consider other options. Also, consider switching a shower gel or bar of soap whatever it suits. 

Other things should be considered as well. You keep your hands clean and nail trimmed, How often you cut your nails, the products you use for your clothes. Your skin reacts to everything that you change.

Pro Tip: Take note of how your skin responds to changes. Also, don’t skip basic routines and be alert when things don’t suit your skin type and be ready to change it

Your Supplements

If you are a gym person and gaining some muscles then you must be taking some supplements. Most supplements are harmless, but some of them don’t everybody. Try to stop using supplements if you have tenacious acne. If it starts disappearing, then you know what was the real cause of them.

Pro Tip: first be sure that the cause of this problem is your supplements, If it is indeed your supplements that are causing the issue, switch them with the consult of the trainer or a dietitian.

Hair Products

It may come across as a surprise, but your hair products do affect your skin, especially around your face. If you use a strong anti-dandruff shampoo, or a specific oil, and find yourself have breakouts then its time for you to change.

Pro Tip: Try going for products that are chemical-free and sulfate-free too, and try using natural things in your shampoo. Try to go for organic and vegan ones as they are the least likely to have adverse effects.

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