Losing Hair Drastically, 7 Flattering Hairstyles For Men

Flattering Hairstyles For Men

The thinning of hair is a very common phenomenon these days that can bring down a man’s confidence. Not just that, it makes hair flat and weak.

If you are not genetically blessed with thick hair, then also everyone have a right to look confident and handsome the hairstyles below are for you to fake it right :

1. Pompadour With Undercut

pompadour cut hairstyles by spiffy men(spiffymen)

Undercut on the sides and back can make pompadour haircut just for you. For this, you don’t need a great volume of hair it works good with thin hair. This hairstyle is trendy and stylish and will make you look out of the coward. try it out!! and let us know the reactions. This is one of professional hairstyles for men. One of the best hairstyle according to spiffy men.

2. Side Swept

side swept hairstyles by spiffy men(spiffymen)

This hairstyle is all about creating a balance on both sides. It gives a sense of fullness on both vertical and horizontal depth. This will add volume to your hair. This is one of professional hairstyles men.

3. Spiky hair

spiky hairstyles by spiffy men (spiffymen)

This look has been for a long time and still is an attention-grabber. If you have thin hair then it will provide volume to your hair. You will stand out with this spiky asymmetrical look. This hairstyle will go at any age.

4. Short And Textured Hair

short hairstyles by spiffy men (spiffymen)
For a look that’s classic and promises to hide the receding hairline, you need to trim your hair short. This haircut is cut close to the head, it looks full and also the hair on top sure stands out. It creates an illusion of a fuller head. With the right hair products, you can rock this hairstyle like none other. This is one of professional hairstyles men.

5. Match The Hairstyle With Your Beard

spiffy men look

There’s no need to panic here because your beard will run to your rescue. Instead of hoarding products for your hair that can worsen the situation, why not be patient and grow a beard that matches well with your hair? Steal the limelight, right away. strong look hairstyle with beard looks fantastic. with this look you will look like spiffy men.

6. Flowy Layered Look

justin bieber hairstyle by spiffy men
© Instagram/ Justin Bieber

Thin hair can look droopy and sometimes, this thing can be in your favor. Instead of chopping your hair off out of frustration, we would suggest, let it grow. Later, go to your barber and get the flowy layered look that creates apt waves on the sides. 

7. Military Style Buzz Cut

© Instagram/ Tom Hardy

Keep your hair short and sleek to minimize the appearance of thin hair. Men with this hairstyle can also grow a stubble so that there’s a good balance on your head and face. This hairstyle is good for small hairs.

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